Dating a Black woman – A few pointers to go along

Dating a black woman is a dream come true for many people who take their dating as serious business. Getting to see a black woman is in itself a big achievement for anyone since black women are hard to find and even harder is the attempt to get them to date you. Black women are strong enough emotionally and mentally and will see through your intentions and mind. Dating a black woman is surely a great feeling however you need to go with an open mind while dating a black woman to foster the relationship into a long term relationship.

Do not try to pretend black while dating a black woman

black woman portraitWhile dating a black woman if you are from another race you don’t have to pretend that you are black. Be yourself. You don’t have to take up an accent that is typical of a black man. Do not make remarks that make her feel as if she is being objectified. Treat her like any other normal woman and behave the way you would have behaved with a woman of your race. While driving her play music that is trendy or something that you love not something that you think would be apt having a black woman with you at that time. While ordering for something to eat allow her to order on her own and do not try to give suggestions on the basis of information you have of what black women like to eat.

Do not assume anything while dating a black woman

Assumptions in relationships are deal breakers. You assume something about your dating partner and the relationship goes for a toss. Having a broken relationship in the past or a bad past in terms of dating and relationships should not hinder you to assume that your experience while dating a black woman is going to be same. Forget or at least put your past behind when going out on a date with a black woman. She may also have the same experiences about the past so it is better to talk and not assume things that may be going on in your head. Having an ability to communicate and resolve any issues or complications will surely take you a long way in terms of your relationship with a black woman.

Do not show off while dating a black woman

Getting to date a black woman is not that hard with so many interracial dating websites on the web. However earning the respect of your black date is the real man’s objective especially on the first date. Earning respect via showing off your money, branded clothes, expensive accessories or your large SUV is not possible. You will only be attracting gold diggers instead of genuine black women while showing off. Wear your style in form of your attitude, dress and manners. Instead of talking about money and your business it would be great if you can talk about childhood, work, the places you have stayed and hobbies you enjoy in your spare time.

Your open minded attitude will help you

While dating a black woman do not go with any pre conceived notions. Go with an open mind and let things unfold by themselves. Flow with the conversations and time. Be ready to bust a few myths you might be having in your mind about her race. Be ready to hear something that your don’t really approve of. Be ready to hear the other side of the story and expose yourself to an entirely different style of living customs and ideas she may bring to the table.


Online Dating Etiquette

looking for dates onlineHow many of us have been reduced to meeting available singles online? Unfortunately, this describes a lot of us lately especially due to our busy lifestyles. There are so many different online services, where you fill out basic information about yourself and what you are looking for in a potential mate. You anxiously await a response to your “ad” and bingo, one finally arrives! You are excited to read it and quickly reply to the email and ask many questions of your potential mate.
The email that you get in return is one big disappointment. It amazes me that so many people exhibit such bad manners in their emails! Are you guilty of this? I bet that you are and might not even be aware of it! There is nothing worse than droning on in an entire email about yourself and asking no questions of the person that you are hoping to get to know better. How do you expect the receiver to respond to this type of email? They may be polite enough to try again and worse, you respond again by just answering their questions while asking none of your own! This behaviour will surely result in you spending many a Friday night alone!

If you are serious about getting to know each other, ask questions, be funny in your emails and remember to take an interest in the other person! Remember, it’s not all about you, your Aunt Edna or your pet monkey!

Here is a Top 10 list of things to do and not do when trying to get to know someone via email:
1. Ask questions about the person, their family, likes, dislikes and encourage a conversation

2.Do a spell check before sending the email!

3. Show humour throughout the entire email; they will be more likely to respond!

4.Give some thought to your email and the message you wish to convey

5. Don’t use a lot of online lingoes (LOL, etc). You don’t want to give the reader the impression that you are more comfortable talking on email than actually meeting!

6. Be completely honest. After all, you are hoping to actually meet this person, aren’t you?
7.Respond to an email within a couple of days. It shows that you are interested and considerate.

8.Don’t suggest meeting in the first email. It may take her some time to warm to the idea!

9. Be polite

10. Have fun, this might be your soul mate!

Enjoy the process of getting to know people as you might make a wonderful friend or two!