Overcoming the lack of physical contact in an online relationship

With the advent of the advancement in internet technology, online relationships become popular and common. Online dating sites proliferate and have evolved into different niches like Interracial Dating sites to address specific needs of dates.

Before with the long – distance relationship, you can just hear the voice or read the letters of your loved ones. With the internet, there are other dimensions in the communication, yet the issue of the lack of physical contact is still very real and pressing.

Romantic relationships fulfill our needs as individuals. We need someone to fill our emotional, mental and of course, our physical needs. Touching, hugging and feeling another human being is necessary for validating our humanness. But what happens when there is a lack of physical contact. Can the relationship survive in this condition?

Many people frown upon a long distance online relationship. They say that the distance and not being able to see each other face to face will always put a dent in a relationship. Most opinions rest on the situations that not being able to see each other as soon as you can or as much as you can will the cause of the demise of the online relationship.  Thus, most recommend that those who meet up online should meet up immediately as a mere online relationship is not a “real” relationship.

Those with online relationships tend to disagree with these opinions. The long-distance relationship causes you to idealize your partner making the relationship more intimate. When you are apart from your partner the tendency for you is to build a strong relationship as you are up against many disadvantages.

Be honest with each other

Not seeing that person face to face does not mean that you can just say what you want or do what you want. You should be honest with your partner, similar to when you are physically together. This is a good base for which your relationship should rest on. Talk about how each other feels about the lack of physical contact. Express what you can handle and ask your partner also. If you or your partner is somewhat very affectionate, work out ways on how you can make the relationship grow. YOU can devise plans for a meet – up or other activities online.

Schedule periods when to best communicate

Being apart does not mean that you will be online and be with your partner throughout the day. Identify time schedule when to best talk to each other to maximize your communication at the same time do things that you have to do offline. Communication is very important for an online relationship so it should be given full attention and  full affection to make it work

Take time to do things together

You can involve your partner as much as you can in things that you love to do like watching a movie online together. You can do a video call and invite your partner to appreciate your favorite hangout places like restaurants or coffee shops. It doesn’t have a grand gesture which you need to plan and spend so much. Watching the sunset together through a video call is very romantic and your partner will surely appreciate it.

Leave your partner a memento

Give a small material gift to your partner that she or he can hold on to. Could be a stuffed  toy, a bracelet, a ring or a perfume. It is something that your partner can touch as a reminder of the feelings that you have.  These tangible objects can become powerful symbols of love and affection, especially when you are not online and you feel a longing for the presence of your partner

Give a focus to the emotions

Rather than focus on the physical aspect, both of you should turn to building your emotional and mental connections. This involves strengthening your attachment, closeness and your commitment to each other. Sharing your dreams, hopes, thoughts, and emotions can boost your emotional connection.

Attend to each other’s’ needs

For a couple, sexual tension comes naturally as sex is a basic biological and physiological need.  The desire to hold someone physically is always present. Our relationship should fulfill not only our emotional needs but our physical needs. For some , teasing and being sexually provocative online is sufficient. But for some, they release the sexual tensions through cybersex and phone sex. It really depends on the level of the maturity of the relationship. Both of you will have to determine which mode satisfies the need for the other.




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