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Interracial couples shouldn’t be unusual anymore

How long has it been again since the Supreme Court ruling that allows for interracial couples to freely marry? 50 years!!! We are seeing more and more interracial couples. It should no longer be an unusual scene, right?

There are quite a number of senior interracial couples who got married in the 1960s. And their accounts of how things were those days are quite shocking. Some say they even had to enter separately when they went on dates at the movie theatres.

There are unique mixes of interracial couples:

A lot has changed since. And if we look at how interracial couples had to carry themselves out then and today, lives for mixed-race couples have greatly changed positively. And today, it’s not about seeing just Black and White couples. Some of these couples are uniquely mixed. For instance, Vietnamese-Japanese, Latino-Filipino… I could go on and on…

Looking back, I am sure most senior couples who married then, are grateful for this change. They no longer feel unusual coz today, it’s quite normal to bump into interracial couples. People are freer and more open and they have embraced mixed dating as part of the American dating culture.

Those days, interracial couples would be forced to move out of their homes. If you lived in a white neighborhood and you are a black and white couple, some of the white neighbors would move out. This is mainly because interracial couples were very unusual then.

There might be a few people who are still in denial about the existence of mixed couples. Is it ignorance or just being hard-headed about it? Well, that answer is for the few to answer.

As for the rest of the progressive Americans, let’s embrace this wonderful melting pot. The thing is, even those we consider as minorities are American citizens too. So why find them different when we basically share one culture; the American culture?

Most Americans today are mixed race. And the ones who claim to be of a certain race usually come to realize later that they once had a great-grandparent from a different race.

So about time that some people stopped making interracial couples feel unusual.


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  1. i don’t think they are unusual anymore… things have already changed. at least in developped places!!!!!!!!

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