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Don’t ruin your perfect day by inviting this person to your interracial wedding

Is it wise to invite a disapproving family member to your interracial wedding?

When it comes to interracial relationships, much as there is a high acceptance of these relationships, not everyone is on board. As a couple, you need to be prepared for some resistance. Unfortunately, some of this resistance might come from our friends or close family members.

As a couple planning a wedding, if you have reached the nuptials bit, chances are you have chosen to ignore the opinions of this disapproving family member. So even if they were against your relationship, as a couple you have chosen love over family relationships.

Now if you have made such a decision, then definitely there is probably bad blood between you and this person. So as a couple planning their interracial wedding, it would be wise not to have this person in your black and white wedding party.

The thing is: a wedding day should be something special for a couple. It needs to go on without any hitches. So if there are some family members who are against your union, make the wedding a card-only affair. Your wedding should be a day for people who are supportive of your relationship to come and share it with you.

Someone who isn’t supportive will definitely come and make a scene at your wedding. Usually, they start with the drinking uncontrollably and then there they go fighting to make a speech. And if you let them, it won’t go well.

Weddings are memorable occasions. It is a celebration of love. So do you want the memories of that special day to be one that leaves your newly wedded spouse in tears… hurtful tears? Definitely not!

If someone isn’t supportive of your relationship in this age and era, then DON’T include them in your interracial wedding. Don’t even ask for their opinion when planning it. Just tell them gently in advance that if they have chosen not to respect your choice of spouse, then they are not welcome anywhere near them.

As a couple in an interracial marriage, you need to stand together. And one way to make it work is to protect one another against anyone who comes against you.


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